Our services covers the creation and operation of your website. Your site can be adopted continuously to your requirements. We offer you a solution for almost any problem. Here you find an excerpt of our services and possibilites.

Website creation

Satisfaction with your website is our primary concern. Your website must meet your requirements and therefore you will receive a tailored website customized exactly for you.

Your website is an individual and customized product. -

A website for you or your business has to match your corporate design and must also have the functionality that you need. If you are selling something, if you provide information, or if you have any other concerns with your website: You want to interact with your users and customers. We design your website to lead the user to the “Call of Action” on your site.

Different Languages

We create multilingual websites. Not only translated. We localize them with the conditions of each country.

Speak the language of your customers and increase your sales. -

We can create multilingual websites easily. We translate and localize your content in German, Croatian and Italian. If you want your website in another language please provide us with the translated content. Menu items, buttons and links, such as link-descriptions are generally translated by us and can also be adjusted according to your wishes.


The maintenance of the technical basis of your website is essential for the security of your website and ensures proper functionality

The regular maintenance of your website is important. -

The maintenance of your website affects not only the content. In particular, the technical basis of your website requires ongoing maintenance. We do not want to tell you technical details now. But when we talk about maintenance, we mean the technology. For sure you know it from your computer or from your cellphone: In very short intervals updates are available. For a secure and functional operation of your website regular updates are necessary. This is all a bit complicated, and therefore we do not want to bother you with it. We will do this updates for you. Calm and quiet in the background. And it does not cost a castle. We do the maintenance starting at € 39 (without VAT) on a monthly basis and the cost of hosting and 1 domain is included. Additionally we do not talk about the traffic or the disk space. Whatever your website needs – at no extra cost.

SSL included

Your site is hosted on our servers and SSL is included without additional costs.

SSL is included without additional costs. -

We host your site on our servers which are maintained by us. They have a special secure setup. Each website is configured for a secure connection and gets its own certificate. It is state-of-the-art at snippypages, that the website can be accessed only via secure socket layer, an encrypted connection between your client and your website. You see the lock-icon in the addressbar of your browser on all sites we created.

Online Shop

Selling in the internet is important. You have an open store 24 hours 7 days the week. If you are a retailer or if you sell goods or services, you should offer them online.

Let your customers buy online. The easy way to sell. -

We create an Online Shop for your website. Our store has categories with subcategories, articles with variations and products can be maintained via an XML interface. Your shop will be fully integrated into your website. You or your staff will be able to manage orders online. For the shop management we offer a special training.

Event Calendar

Bring your events online. Show your visitors the next upcoming events or let them review past events.

Announce your events. The clear view of events. -

Plan events and show your users the activity of your business and announce your next upcoming events. Do you have a Restaurant, Hotel, Bar, Discothek or are you an organizer or event company we recommend to display your events online. We also offer a training for the event calendar, so you or your staff is able to manage it.

Booking System

Do you have something to rent? Then our booking solution is suitable for you. Let your customers book online and keep track of your bookings.

Customers like to book online -

We create the opportunity for your customers to book online. Customers can select the days of the preferred time period in a calendar. At the same time the customer sees already occupied dates. It is also possible to book different resources.


Convince your customers with a video. Videos are the perfect way to describe a product or to explain something to a visitor.

Videos are eye catcher. -

We can embed videos on the start page, or we make a media center for your customers where several videos can be watched. We don not perform the video production, but we can pass you to a video producer if you want to have a product video. In some cases also homemade videos are a good idea, depending on the products you offer.

Email workflow and Ticket Systems

Communication with your customer is important, should be fast and clear. A direct communication with your customers requires sometimes a new handling and a new workflow for your emails.

Easy to use customer-friendly communication -

We provide you with email solutions that fit best to your current workflow and we implement the solution for you. A fast and half automated email handling is very important for your customer communication, even if a group of people needs access and answers emails, like order emails, support emails or booking emails.

Private Cloud – Document management and sharing

You have a lot of documents and its hard to handle them per email or you have different versions on different computers?

Manage your documents easily in your own cloud. -

We provide you with your own cloud, where your files are under your control. You can give other people access to share documents or files and you can revoke the access. It’s just under your control. Your data will be stored in Austria. You can store documents, photos, videos and other files in your own cloud. Additionally Apps for iOS and Android are available, so you can use your own cloud also on the go.