Road Map

The procedure to create a website requires some information from you as holder and content provider of your site. Once we have the information we need we send you a quote. Our work starts if you accept the quote until your website is online. Here we have broken down the steps in to a road map, and added frequently questions and answers.

  • 1. January 2014

    Phase: Quote

    Phase Quote

    Start with a request for a quote.

    Once you started the request we send you a link to a questionnaire. Please fill in all requested fields. The questions contain basic information what enables us to create a quote for you.

    If you save your information we get informed automatically that we are able to create you a quote. All you have to do after you saved your entries, is to wait for the quote.

  • 2. January 2014

    Phase: Initiation

    After you accepted the quote, we initiate your website project.

    "Delivery of content." - - Customer
    Now we need as much material as possible, what you want to have on your website and you provide us with content, images and logos.
    "Setup of the project." - - Snippypages
    While you provide us with content we create the technical basis for your website and we prepare the servers for your project.

    1. Customer 40%
    2. We 20%
    3. Total 30%

    • Does my domain need to point to the new website?
      No, it's not necessary at this point. If you already have a domain, you point it to your new website once it is ready to launch. As long as we develop your new site, visitors will just see that it is under construction.
    • How does it work with my domain?
      Your domain name is the web address of your website. It does not matter if you have an existing domain or a new domain name, we take care of it. We manage the administrative and the technical requirements. For some administrative tasks you need to authorize us. We carefully explain this tasks to you. We handle your domain settings without any downtime of existing services.
    • Do I have to take care about any technical thing?
      No. We do it for you. If you have an existing domain we just need a direct contact to the maintainer of your domain name.
  • 3. January 2014

    Phase: Site Structure and Design

    We start now to work on your website. We create the structure and the design of your website.

    We start now to structure your website, with the information you gave us. We create the design of your site and we build the structure (sitemap) and the functionality of your website. Depending on the complexity and scope of your site, this phase lasts 1-4 weeks. At the start of this phase, we want a 50% deposit of the agreed price.

    1. Customer 50%
    2. Snippypages 70%
    3. Total 60%

  • 4. January 2014

    Phase: Review

    When we have completed the phase structure and design, we ask you to review the website. You evaluate your website and you give us feedback and request any changes.

    "Review and correction" - - Customer
    At this stage you may request changes in the structure, the content and the design.
    "Acceptance of the changes" - - Snippypages
    We accept your changes and move the project to the next phase "Revision".

    1. Customer 90%
    2. Snippypages 70%
    3. Total 80%

    • What can I change?
      At this stage you can request content changes, changes of the structure on (changes in the sitemap), as well as changes in the design. Please note, if you now want to change the functionality, e.g. an additional online store, and this was not initially agreed, the scope changes. Remember that you can make changes only within the scope of services.
    • How often can I request changes?
      In this stage we accept the changes and move the project in to the phase "Revision". After we applied the changes, the project bounces back to "Review". The project should not bounce more than three times between this two stages.
  • 5. January 2014

    Phase: Revision

    In this phase we are revising your website according to your changes from the phase of the review. Depending on the scope and expense, this may take up to a few weeks for a few days. Once we know that you want to go online with your new website as soon as possible, we keep this period as short as possible. After we have completed the revision, the project goes back to the phase of the review.


    1. Customer 90%
    2. Snippypages 80%
    3. Total 80%

  • 6. January 2014

    Phase: Release

    "After the recent changes have been applied and have been accepted by you, the website will be released." - - Customer
    The release of the website is confirmation by you that we have met the project to your satisfaction. This is also the time where the rest of the project price will be charged.

    1. Customer 100%
    2. Snippypages 90%
    3. Total 90%

  • 7. January 2014

    Phase: Launch

    It's time now. Your website is ready and will be launched it is now online and enabled for your visitors. At launch, we connect your homepage with your domain. You can register a new one or transfer an existing domain, or can also adjust an existing domain correctly. Anyway, we take care of the technical details.

    1. Customer 100%
    2. Snippypages 100%
    3. Total 100%

    • Maintenance contract
      Once your website has been launched, complete a Maintenance contract. A maintenance contract is required for the security of your site, as well as to keep it at the technical level. Your website is a piece of software and software changes rapidly and there are ongoing updates. You probably know it from your computer or your mobile phone. And because your website consists of software it needs to be updated. We do it for you. There are two types of maintenance contracts:
      • Default maintenance without maintenance of content: € 39 per month
      • Maintenance including content maintenance within the existing structure: € 69 per month
      Both maintenance contracts include hosting, including email services and the cost of one domain. For structural changes in content and expansions, we can send you an offer. Maintenance costs do not change with extended functionality. Maintenance with content maintenance does not include the maintenance of an online shop. This is separated according to the respective requirements.
    • Now I have still changes
      You now have noticed that you still want to change something? No problem. If you have completed a maintenance with content maintenance and the changes are within the existing structure, we will do it for you immediately.