Phase: Launch

It’s time now. Your website is ready and will be launched it is now online and enabled for your visitors. At launch, we connect your homepage with your domain. You can register a new one or transfer an existing domain, or can also adjust an existing domain correctly. Anyway, we take care of the technical details.

  1. Customer 100%
  2. Snippypages 100%
  3. Total 100%
  • Maintenance contract
    Once your website has been launched, complete a Maintenance contract. A maintenance contract is required for the security of your site, as well as to keep it at the technical level. Your website is a piece of software and software changes rapidly and there are ongoing updates. You probably know it from your computer or your mobile phone. And because your website consists of software it needs to be updated. We do it for you. There are two types of maintenance contracts:

    • Default maintenance without maintenance of content: € 39 per month
    • Maintenance including content maintenance within the existing structure: € 69 per month

    Both maintenance contracts include hosting, including email services and the cost of one domain. For structural changes in content and expansions, we can send you an offer. Maintenance costs do not change with extended functionality.
    Maintenance with content maintenance does not include the maintenance of an online shop. This is separated according to the respective requirements.

  • Now I have still changes
    You now have noticed that you still want to change something? No problem. If you have completed a maintenance with content maintenance and the changes are within the existing structure, we will do it for you immediately.