Phase: Review

When we have completed the phase structure and design, we ask you to review the website. You evaluate your website and you give us feedback and request any changes.

“Review and correction” - - Customer
At this stage you may request changes in the structure, the content and the design.

“Acceptance of the changes” - - Snippypages
We accept your changes and move the project to the next phase “Revision”.

  1. Customer 90%
  2. Snippypages 70%
  3. Total 80%


  • What can I change?
    At this stage you can request content changes, changes of the structure on (changes in the sitemap), as well as changes in the design. Please note, if you now want to change the functionality, e.g. an additional online store, and this was not initially agreed, the scope changes. Remember that you can make changes only within the scope of services.
  • How often can I request changes?
    In this stage we accept the changes and move the project in to the phase “Revision”. After we applied the changes, the project bounces back to “Review”. The project should not bounce more than three times between this two stages.