Phase: Initiation

After you accepted the quote, we initiate your website project.

“Delivery of content.” - - Customer
Now we need as much material as possible, what you want to have on your website and you provide us with content, images and logos.

“Setup of the project.” - - Snippypages
While you provide us with content we create the technical basis for your website and we prepare the servers for your project.

  1. Customer 40%
  2. We 20%
  3. Total 30%


  • Does my domain need to point to the new website?
    No, it’s not necessary at this point. If you already have a domain, you point it to your new website once it is ready to launch. As long as we develop your new site, visitors will just see that it is under construction.
  • How does it work with my domain?
    Your domain name is the web address of your website. It does not matter if you have an existing domain or a new domain name, we take care of it. We manage the administrative and the technical requirements. For some administrative tasks you need to authorize us. We carefully explain this tasks to you. We handle your domain settings without any downtime of existing services.
  • Do I have to take care about any technical thing?
    No. We do it for you. If you have an existing domain we just need a direct contact to the maintainer of your domain name.